XBRL Europe Membership is comprised of entitities which have to apply to be accepted by the organisation as members


XBRL Europe distinguishes 4 categories of members:

Cat 1: XBRL national jurisdictions of XBRL International:
• European Established Jurisdictions of XBRL International,
• European Provisional Jurisdictions of XBRL International,
• Any other jurisdiction of XBRL International

Cat 2: European Institutions existing under the European Union Treaties and European Federations or equivalent not for profit associations fulfilling pan-European activities on behalf of their members

Cat 3: Non for profit Entities (Institutions, Federations, Associations) as well as for profit Entities incorporated in:

1) an existing XBRL jurisdiction

Cat 3.1.1: not member of the jurisdiction,

Cat 3.1.2: member of the jurisdiction

2) in a country without a XBRL jurisdiction

3) in a country outside Europe

Cat 4: Individuals – persons with knowledge and expertise who are assessed to contribute to the objective of XBRL Europe

If your organisation wishes to become a member of XBRL Europe please visit the "How to become a member section"

The membership entitles the members to many benefits which are described in the Bylaws and Governance section.