Working Groups

XBRL Europe has set the following various dedicated Working Groups to meet its objectives

  • Supervisory Reporting Working Group - Contributes to the EBA initiative to harmonize the COREP and FINREP frameworks, works with EIOPA on Solvency II taxonomy - Co-Chairs: Derek De Brandt - XBRL Belgium - Eric Jarry XBRL France
  • EU Business Registers Working Group (xEBR WG) - Aims to increase coordination and interoperability for XBRL efforts and taxonomies for European business registers and company information providers – Development of the xEBR taxonomy - Chair: Thomas Verdin - XBRL Europe
  • ESMA ESEF Informal Working Group, Bruno Tesnière and Gilles Maguet
  • IFRS, Securities and Markets Working Group - Promotes XBRL for European securities and markets. One subject is harmonising IFRS Taxonomy Extensions considering national law requirements - Chair: Pierre Hamon - XBRL France
  • EU Adoption Committee - Forum of high level exchange of information about the use of XBRL in Europe - Chair: Gilles Maguet - XBRL Europe
  • Executive Committee Bruno Tesnière & Audit Committee,