16th XBRL Europe day in Paris - 2nd of February 2016 - Presentations are available

Many thanks to all the participants for this 16th XBRL Europe day which was a real success.

Around 80 persons, presentations and round table of high quality, a successful Extraordinary General Assembly which has adopted the new XBRL Europe by laws. A very good lunch the 2nd. And a  very friendly dinner the 1st February evening thanks to Thomas Verdin.

Last but not least a very professional support from XBRL France, from the CSOEC (Institute of Chartered Accountants) and from the Preparation committee and in particular from Christine Nicol and Chantal Napchan.

The presentations are made available below.

And do not forget the next 17th XBRL Europe day and the 22nd Eurofiling workshop in the European Central Bank premises in Frankfurt the 1, 2 and 3rd of June 2016 (The so called XBRL Europe Week in Frankfurt) where we will be happy to meet you all again.

The presentations are made available below.

Best regards to all   

Gilles Maguet

XBRL Europe – Secretary General

This 16th XBRL Europe day in Paris was possible thanks to the assistance of XBRL France and the French Institute of Chartered Accountants (CSOEC)

Tuesday  2nd February

XBRL Europe Day.                         Venue: CSOEC Main auditorium Room


Doors open – registration for the Day. Networking coffee


16th  XBRL Europe Day - Plenary session - Welcome words –  Bruno Tesnière, Chair XBRL France Marc Hemmerling  Chair XBRL Europe – Gilles Maguet, Secretary General XBRL Europe


Transparency Directive from ESMA, Presentation of XBRL Europe answer to the ESMA ESEF consultation – Bruno Tesnière,XBRL France – Pierre Hamon XBRL France


IASB - IFRS updateRita Ogun-Clijmans -  Senior Technical Manager – IFRS Taxonomy -  IASB


Supervisory Reporting (CRR - CRD IV & Solvency II) update  –  Eric Jarry XBRL France & Derek de Brandt XBRL Belgium and Eurofiling coordinator – Co chairs of Supervisory Reporting Working group


Coffee break


SBR Project updatePaul Snijders & Frans Hietbrink SBR program - XBRL Netherlands


XBRL Europe Business Register working groupThomas Verdin Theia partners– Géraud Amic UB Partners

Legal Spanish use case for XBRL: Credit Institutions rating SMEs

Iñaki Vazquez Spanish Business Register – XBRL Spain

Perspectiveof a Single Electronic Format in Europe -  European Institute of Financial Regulation (EIFR) - Edouard-François de Lencquesaing Secretary General


Communication "The European Union officially recognizes XBRL as a Standard"  Ignacio Boixo XBRL Spain and XBRL Europe MSP Task Force co chair 

Extraordinary General Assembly XBRL Europe – Presentation and approval of new bylaws - Gilles Maguet Secretary General XBRL Europe


Lunch – XBRL Europe Business Register Working Group Awards


Main Room auditorium – Room 103

Room 802

Room 821


EU project to strengthen the XBRL adoption by the Ukrainian Financial Sector –Daniel Eidelman XBRL Spain

Specific XBRL Europe Meeting (restricted)Finance/dues structure– moderator Gilles Maguet

EU Jurisdiction Leadership exchange meetingmoderator Kyle Lamb – E&Y

John Turner – CEO XII


XBRL Data consumption: Moving from a communication standard to generating value –Edward Kennedy XBRL UK


XBRL in Russia – new developments  –Henry Penikas Professor - Russian Higher School of Economics


Coffee break


New developments in Italy – Public local entities reporting in XBRL "The Italian Court of Auditors SMART Project” - Massimiliano Minerva (Italian Court of Auditors) and Eugenio Virguti (Risk Manager Professor)-XBRL Italy


Panel “Optimising regulatory reporting – are we approaching real time ? ”–  Moderator Maciej Piechocki – XBRL Germany – Participants: Eric Jarry XBRL France, Beju Shah Bank of England,  Derek de Brandt XBRL Belgium


Update on technical developments and new initiatives within XBRL International - Paul Warren XII technical director – David Bell UB Partners


Q&A Wrap-up and closing and next events