SBR News & Minutes

Our next meetings

 January 31st 14pm XBRL-EU (Copenhagen)

 February 21st 13pm CET (conference call)

 March 10st 13pm CET (conference call)

 April 18th 13pm CET (conference call)

 May 16th 13pm CET (conference call)


Ongoing work:

  • Developing a methodology for describing SBR and its application
  • Inventory of present and new European legislation which impact the electronic filing, exchange and analys of business information
  • Expanding the group to "countries" instead of individual participants

Draft Meeting Minutes:

  Meeting 13 - January 10th 2017 (Conference call)

Meeting Minutes:

  Meeting 12 - December 6th 2017 (Conference Call)

  Meeting 11 - October 18th 2017 (Conference Call)


  Meeting 10 - September 13th 2017 (Conference Call)

See also our Meeting Minute Archive  (participants only)