XBRL Europe announces the election of its new Chair Bruno Tesnière the 2nd of June 2016

XBRL Europe is very pleased to announce the election of its new Chair Bruno Tesnière from XBRL France and the 2 vice chairs Paul Snijders from XBRL Netherlands and Hans Buysse from the European Federation of Financial Analyst societies - EFFAS.

The election took place the 2nd of June in Frankfurt in the morning during our General Assembly of members.

The new elected Executive Committee now comprises of:
a.      Cat 1 - Jurisdictions representatives

·        XBRL Belgium represented by Camille Dümm

·        XBRL France represented by Bruno Tesnière

·        XBRL Italy represented by Eugenio Virguti

·        XBRL Luxembourg represented by Marc Hemmerling

·        XBRL Netherlands represented by Paul Snijders

·        XBRL Spain represented by Ignacio Boixo

b.      Cat 2, 3, 4 - Direct Members representatives

·        EFFAS represented by Hans Buysse

·        E&Y EMEIA represented by Kyle Lamb

·        Theia Partners represented by Thomas Verdin

·        UB Partner represented by Martin Deville


c.      Permanent XII representative

·        XBRL International permanent seat represented by John Turner

XBRL Europe congratulates this new Executive Committee and its new Chair Bruno Tesnière and the 2 vice chairs Paul Snijders and Hans Buysse for their elections.

XBRL Europe warmly thanks the work carried out by the former Executive Committee under the chairmanship of Marc Hemmerling from XBRL Luxembourg and vice chairmanhip of Camille Dümm from XBRL Belgium and their time and dedication to XBRL Europe for so many years.