xEBR News & Minutes

Latest news (update: 10/22/2016)

Our next meetings:
  • XBRL WEEK IN FRANKFURT we will meet in June / Here are interesting presentations in the program:
  • Tue 6th 12-3pm : ESMA meets the market
  • Tue 6th 3-4.30 pm : iXBRL Tutorial
  • Tue 6th 4:30-6pm : SBR working group
  • Wed 7th: 8-9pm : xEBR working group : breakfast and debate 
  • Wed Tth 9-6.30pm : XBRL Day and XBRL Europe General Assembly


  • Our detate :ESMA promotes ESEF/ixBRL for listed companies ? which impact for Financial statement of registered companies
  • For global program and registration : see info
  • For monthly confcall, see xEBR Conference Calls practical info
  • See the XBRL Latest News for additional events and infos

Ongoing work:

  • Link of xEBR Core Reference Taxonomy with other financial taxonomies, including local GAAP taxonomies in Europe
  • Work on a new XBRL version of the xEBR Taxonomy
  • Opening of the group to "non XBRL" countries (no use or low use of XBRL for financial statements and company profiles)

Previous Meetings:

  •  Meeting 72  - Décembe 13th 2016 (Phone Call)

  •  Meeting 73  - February 15th 2017 (XBRL Day in Amsterdam, with SBR)